Warrior Goddess

I would like to extend my thanks to my second home, my training ground, Kombat Arts Academy and the instructors and coaches who have taught and supported me throughout the years. My thanks goes out to Kru Joey de los Reyes, Kru Roberto Herrera, coach Sean Fulgencio, coach Daniel Thiessen, coach David Beckles, coach Socrates Celestial, Kru Sylwester Organka, Kru David Edwards, coach Linda Langerak, coach Rafael Delgado, Kru Edward De Nobrega, Kru DJ Dallaire, Professor Salem Assli, Calvin Millar (IDT) and Wesley Quaife (IDT). Your knowledge has made me the instructor and fighter I am today. I have been blessed to work with such incredible highly talented people.

As well, my thanks goes out to all my training partners and fighters, clients, and students. You are amazing! Luv!

To my family and friends who have supported me in my martial arts journey, I love you and thank you!