Learning how to defend yourself is an essential physical tool to have for self-reliance and independence.

You will learn to effectively fend off an attacker with hand strikes, blocks, kicks, throws, breaking holds, elbows, knees and ground techniques. A fundamental part of what you will learn is awareness and prevention, the power of body language and how to see possible warning signs.

All women need to make self protection a greater priority and I will teach and prepare you for possible situations that can arise or help you through a situation that has already occurred. A few of my goals for you are empowerment, fighting skills, healthy self-esteem and trust within yourself.

Highlighting Aspects of Female Self Defence:

• learn awareness and prevention
• build self-esteem and confidence
• learn viable attack and defensive skills
• develop empowerment
• heal from a pass attack
• build a strong voice and presence
• learning to respond to different situations effectively

I am here to teach and prepare you on how to handle possible situations. As well as help those who have been through traumatic experiences.

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