Hi, my name is Andrea. I have been training in martial arts for 10 years. In 2002 I took boxing and karate classes at a gym in Toronto and found a way to challenge myself mentally and physically. I made it my goal to be the best I could be. These classes didn’t last very long and were eventually cancelled. I then needed to find somewhere I could continue my training. In 2003 I found Kombat Arts Training Academy. Here, I was introduced to all aspects of martial arts. I tried many different Arts: BJJ, MMA, Savate Boxe Française, Boxing, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. It was Muay Thai Kickboxing that caught my attention the most. I currently train in Muay Thai, Boxing, Strength and Conditioning, Female Self Defence, and have participated in the amateur fighting scene in Muay Thai Kickboxing.

When I first started at Kombat Arts, there were only a few female members, so, it was tough and intimidating to jump into classes made up of men. With strength and determination, I have become a strong and powerful fighter. Training in martial arts has made me a fearless, confident woman. I knew I wanted to pass along my knowledge and support to other women.

Kombat Arts is where I was introduced to Female Self Defence. I met Calvin Millar and Wesley Quaife and took their Female Self Defence course and knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. Their course showed me a practical way of defending myself and gave me knowledge of awareness while understanding the law. I want to help women find their strength and confidence by teaching them train to defend themselves.

Today I am proud to be a part of the Instinctive Development Training Team (IDT) as an instructor. I have learned so much from this team and will continue to learn and pass along my knowledge and skills and empower women to say, “I Will Win.”

The gym is a second home for me. This is where I get inspired. Surrounded by family. I am whole-heartedly passionate about helping my students reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Martial arts is a discipline of the mind, body and soul. With it you can always find what it is you are looking for.

–  Warrior Goddess,  Andrea Nucci